Coppa Recipes

  • Savory Spirals

    Coppa savory spirals are a favorite for our customers on the go. Find our recipe here for both our bacon/cheese spiral and our vegetarian version.
  • Triple Berry Muffin

    When you run a cafe, you have to have a delicious signature muffin. We usually use triple berries (yes, we buy them frozen at Costco) or blueberries with this recipe, but you can also make them rhubarb or your fruit of choice.
  • Fireweed Honey Lavender Latte

    Learn how to make a deliciously floral beverage at home.
  • Curry Kelp Pickle Soup

    Kelp pickle soup? Yes, and it's even better with curry kelp pickles!
  • Deep Chocolate Ice Cream

    This recipe was first translated from Coppa's kitchen for the afterschool ice cream classes Marc teaches through Juneau middle schools. Unlike most chocolate ice creams, which use only cocoa powder, our recipe uses both cocoa and bittersweet chocolate for extra richness.
  • Coppa Cinnamon Rolls

    Coppa's classic cinnamon roll recipe for the home cook!