At Coppa, sustainability is one of our core principles.

We believe that our choices as a business can have a positive impact on our community and our planet. We are committed to helping build social sustainability by lifting up all people in our community. And we consider our impact on the planet in all of our purchasing and other operations.

Here are some of our business practices that contribute to social and environmental sustainability:

We use all organic coffee, roasted locally by Sentinel Coffee. Organic coffee growing practices help create habitat for birds and other tropical species while protecting farming families from harmful pesticides and herbicides.

We make all of our deliveries and shopping trips with a 100% hydropowered electric vehicle.

All of our packaging and service ware are made from compostable materials.* This includes:

Coffee cups, coffee cup lids, stir sticks, coffee sleeves, ice cream cups, ice cream spoons, forks, spoons, soup cups, soup cup lids, cold cups, cold cup lids, straws, salad dressing ramekins and ramekin lids. 

We compost all of our kitchen waste, coffee grounds, and service ware through Juneau Composts.

young apple pickersWe source ice cream ingredients locally when possible, to avoid the carbon impacts of importing ingredients into Juneau. This includes more than 1,000 pounds of rhubarb annually. 

donation to Glory HallWe support a large number of charities in Juneau through cash and in-kind donations, with a focus on healthy youth activities, homeless services, social justice, and the arts. 

CJ and medals

We have employed developmentally-disabled staff as dishwashers and laundry workers since 2014, creating opportunities for employment and dignity for all. 


*We have been unable to source pint cartons made with compostable materials that maintain the quality of our ice creams. However, the stickers on our ice cream pints are compostable!